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Dumpling 101 Class at The Source

My team at work was recently trying to decide what might make for a fun offsite. We decided a cooking class was a great idea, and considered some of the more obvious options such as CulinAerie and L'Academie de Cuisine, but we ended up settling on a private dumpling class with Chef Scott Drewno of Wolfgang Puck's The Source. The experience was a great one, because we had our own private space for an hour with the chef himself, and a beautiful setup where he was able to demonstrate how to make pork dumplings and shrimp and lobster spring rolls. Our team was situated at tables in front of the chef with a direct view, and we also were able to participate by forming the dumplings ourselves, and wrapping up the spring rolls before they were fried. Because of the small size of the class, we got to have a very fun and interactive session with the chef. In addition, he provided each of us with the recipes for the dishes we created so we can replicate these delicious treats at home (although they probably won't be as good as they are at The Source!)

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Following our class, our team went upstairs into the dining room and feasted on the most fantastic meal filled with dumplings, spring rolls, lo mein, banh mi's and more. The food at The Source is beautiful, flavorful, and worth celebrating. The lunch and dinner menus are comprised of contemporary Asian dishes, while the Saturday brunch offers an upscale dim sum meal with countless dishes to enjoy for the table.

Everything was spot-on, but some of our favorites were the sesame tuna cones, the pork belly potstickers, the Thai style drunken noodles, and the dan dan dumplings with peanut sauce. The food at The Source is top notch, and the restaurant is one of the best in Washington. I was so happy that our team was able to combine a class with a great meal to make for a fun and tasty afternoon activity.

The Source by Wolfgang Puck
575 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001
@WolfgangBuzz & @SDrewno

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