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Proof Positive

Proof Positive

A few nights ago I had plans with a friend who I haven't seen in awhile and we were searching for the perfect place to go where we could catch up, celebrate the new year, and have delicious food and wine. After some back and forth we settled on Proof which we both happen to love, and we were looking forward to going back since neither of us had been in awhile. I love the fact that Proof is just a few steps from the bustling Verizon Center, but once you step inside you would never know. It has a wonderful atmosphere with dim lights, a great bar area that serves wines on tap, and comfortable booths towards the back that create a quiet and warm setting. The service is always great, and the waiters tend to be incredibly knowledgeable about the wines and the menu which I always appreciate.

Proof Exterior

I started with a glass of Talbott Chardonnay which is one of my favorites, while my friend ordered a glass of red wine based on the recommendation of our waiter (which she loved). We ordered the tuna tartare appetizer to start which is served on crispy nori tempura chips with chunks of fresh avocado and tossed in a wasabi soy sauce. We absolutely loved the tuna and the flavors worked so well together creating a very satisfying yet light starter. For my main course I did not stray from what I believe to be one of the best dishes in the entire city. I even convinced my friend Meg to order the same thing because it is that divine. We both thoroughly enjoyed the miso glazed sablefish that is served with bok choy, wild mushrooms, ginger, and a yukon gold potato puree. Not only is the plating of the dish beautiful, but the fish is so buttery and flaky creating a perfect mix of Asian flavors that I find to be close to perfection. There was not even one speck of food left on either of our plates, so I guess you could say that we liked it. We also shared a side of delicious brussel sprouts (I can't help but order them wherever I go) which were sauteed with red onions and served in a light bacon vinaigrette.

Proof Bar

We decided to split a dessert because it was a snowy night, we were celebrating my birthday, and because we felt like it. The only complaint I had about the dessert menu at Proof is that there were too many things that looked amazing so we had to ask the waiter for his recommendation. He boldly claimed that the sticky toffee cake was an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10 and we felt that we couldn't argue with such a stong statement, therefore we ordered it and hoped to be wowed. Let me just say that I am typically a chocolate kind of girl, but this dessert was off the charts delicious. The cake was warm and moist, topped with a vanilla ice cream, and served on a plate of caramel sauce with crunchy nuts and a little bit of heaven.

The experience at Proof is one that gets high marks in all categories: atmosphere, service, wine, and food. Every plate I touched last night was completely devoured, and to me that is the mark of a restaurant that is doing something right.

775 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

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