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Ode to the Cinnamon Rolls at Cork Wine Bar

I had brunch at Cork Wine Bar this past Sunday with my friend Meg. I live in the neighborhood and I am a regular customer in the evenings for the wine flights, avocado toasts, and what I believe to be one of the best cheese plates in town. However, after months of their brunch being open, I still had not been until this week.

Brunch at Cork

The menu is small and includes a bunch of the dishes they also offer in the evening such as the brioche sandwich, but there are many additional offerings that include pastries, eggs, and breakfast-like food. I really enjoyed the baked egg in Parmesan crust with mushrooms, asparagus, and Gruyere. The crust was crispy and cheesy and did not disappoint. I also loved sipping on the Citrus Mimosa Flight with grapefruit, orange, and blood orange. It made the brunch have a festive touch, and allowed us to take our time as we grazed on small plates.

Avocado Toasts at Cork

Avocado Toasts at Cork

However, the real standout dish at Cork's brunch is the house-made cinnamon rolls which I am still thinking about a week later. They are baked to order and served in a black cast iron pan bubbling over with butter, cinnamon, and sugar. They were piping hot, and Meg and I could not resist eating every bite, and also dipping the rolls back into the pan to soak up all the of the delicious flavors. These cinnamon rolls are heavenly and I will be back for more. Have you tried them yet?

Cinnamon Rolls at Cork

Cinnamon Rolls at Cork

Cork serves brunch every Sunday from 11AM-3PM. You can make a reservation on CityEats. I might even suggest ordering two orders of the cinnamon rolls. They are just that good.

Cork Wine Bar
1720 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

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