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The Brixton

The Brixton has been open for a few weeks now, and I have already been multiple times. Once for drinks and dinner where I got to enjoy the massive and beautiful rooftop, and more recently for brunch with a fun group of people organized by Becca from Bitches Who Brunch. The new restaurant/British pub is sprawled out over three floors and includes great bar space, tables for dining, traditional tufted leather couches for lounging, and a rooftop area with a great view of the city.

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The menu is limited, but offers a variety of traditional pub fare dishes such as fish and chips or a petite beef wellington, and it also includes some Indian specialties like a Kerala eggplant curry. For my first meal at The Brixton I indulged in the burger which was topped with crispy pancetta, a shallot marrow jam, and served on a fluffy challah bun with "chips" on the side. I thought the burger was sophisticated in size and in presentation, and was very tasty. It wasn't too messy or over the top, it was just right. For my brunch meal at The Brixton I decided to order something simple and light-- the house-made granola with Greek yogurt and fruit. While this seems like an uninspiring order, I loved the granola which was made with whole nuts and had a lovely crunchy consistency. The portion size was appropriate, and I found myself satisfied with the fresh berries on top. Our group was also intrigued by the sticky toffee french toast so we ordered one for the table which allowed each of us one big bite to try it out. It was the perfect way to taste test the dish because as an entree I think it would be too sweet for one person, but as a quick bite it was a satisfying rush of sugar with some crunch and saltiness from the nuts on the plate.

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The Brixton is well positioned to do great things on U Street. The rooftop alone is as good as it gets in the city, and having been many times recently for drinks, it is apparent that this place is a hit. The food is off to a solid start, although the service could use a bit of work. Overall, a great new spot that I'm sure will see a lot of business during the Olympics these next two weeks and beyond.

The Brixton
901 U Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

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