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Sei it Ain't So!

Faithful readers of EatMore DrinkMore (we know you are out there!) recently read about my love for Oya. Therefore, it is only natural that I also love the sister restaurant Sei which is located at 7th and E in the Chinatown area. The restaurant is white and sleek and the food is nothing short of fantastic. Last night I shared a delicious meal with my friend Katie and I documented our feast as I always like to share my culinary enthusiasm with others. We started the meal with the fish and chips sushi roll as our appetizer. The roll consists of flounder, malt vinegar, potato crips, and wasabi tartar. Each piece of the roll is such a delicious bite that has the flavor of Irish pub food with a sophisticated asian flare. Also, the roll is light and just enough to satisfy the craving... but I always find myself still wanting more!

For our meal we shared the sea bass sliders and the short ribs. The fish in the sliders was fried and covered in melted cheese with an apricot chutney and a cucumber mayo spread. The dish was unique and provided a modern twist on the otherwise simple concept of a slider. Sei also makes baby sized homemade potato chips that they serve as an accompaniment on the plate. The dish was presented beautifully and provided such a nice balance of flavors between the salty fried fish and the sweet chutney.


Finally, we dug into the short ribs which came with wasabi potatoes, asparagus, carrots, and a miso demi. The meat was tender however I would have appreciated a tad more of the miso glaze as I like my short ribs well sauced, nonetheless they were still delicious and the potatoes were smooth and creamy. I knew this dish would be good as my absolute favorite thing on the menu at Oya is the short rib tempura roll. These guys know how to do short ribs, that is for sure.

Sei generously offers a three course dinner prix fixe for $29.00 total which cannot be beat. There are multiple sushi rolls as options for the first course, the second course choices include salmon, short ribs, and other staples, and finally there are three delicious dessert choices. Sei provides a trendy and upscale vibe and is able to match its impressive look and feel with really delicious food. Thats a hard combination to come by, and I hope that those who have not yet had a chance to experience Sei will head over soon to enjoy all that they have to offer.

444 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20004

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